‘The Chimera: Bound Gods’ by Adrienne Wilder

The ChimeraBound GodsBook 1Adrienne Wilder Genre: MM Erotic PNR/Dark Urban Fantasy Date of Publication: March 27, 2016 ASIN: B01DJTN4W4 Number of pages: 165Word Count: 46K Cover Artist: Adrienne Wilder Book Description: Kaleb Holten’s father’s debt to an underground group The Association has just been called in, and the man can’t pay the loan. Instead of turning over his wealth, he releases his… Continue reading ‘The Chimera: Bound Gods’ by Adrienne Wilder


‘Falling for my Nemesis’ by Tia Souders

Synopsis: Cover for 'Falling for My Nemesis' Spending time with my nemesis never felt so good. Carson Brooks has been my enemy since the day he moved to town and tried to drown me in a rogue wave. Not only are we enemies, but we’re not quiet about it either. We’re polar opposites. Where I’m… Continue reading ‘Falling for my Nemesis’ by Tia Souders


‘The Demon Kiss’ by Juliana Haygert

Synopsis: A young woman with a secret heritage. A man who made a deal with the devil. And an academy where the students are just as dangerous as the demons … ErinI’ve been kept from the truth all my life. Demons walk the earth, and I’m destined to slay them–I only wish I hadn’t lost someone… Continue reading ‘The Demon Kiss’ by Juliana Haygert


‘O’Connor Brothers’ by A.S. Kelly

A year ago, she begged me to stay.A year later, it’s my turn to beg her not to go.My obsession. My downfall.I tried to resist, to keep her at a distance.I tried to save myself.But no one will be saved here, not even a selfish bastard like me. My life has always been about sport and… Continue reading ‘O’Connor Brothers’ by A.S. Kelly


‘Remaking Christmas’ by Derra Snow

Synopsis: Ada’s love life is a wreck. She knows true love and happily-ever-afters only exist in the books she reads. It’s Christmas again. For the first time, she’s going to Green Mountain Inn to get away from her woes. But there’s not the only reason. It’s her favorite romance author Patricia Millett’s rumored hangout spot. There, Ada… Continue reading ‘Remaking Christmas’ by Derra Snow

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‘The Light; Houston, Texas’ by Joe M. Solomon Interview

March Madness has begun and college basketball playoffs are heating up, not that Robert Walker—a graduate student from Texas—particularly cares. He has decided to skip classes for the day, sleep in, and get some rest. Unfortunately, a brief spat on the phone with his fiancée makes that impossible. Hoping to take his mind off of… Continue reading ‘The Light; Houston, Texas’ by Joe M. Solomon Interview


HEARTS: A Twisted Wonderland Retelling by Klarissa King

In Spades, there is a game as terrifying as the Sisters of Fate. The Hatterthon.A game so cruel that its brick-roads run red with blood and in every shadow there are players killing to survive. The mysterious Ringmaster seized the Hatter’s once-delightful game long ago, and branded it with his mark.The stain of death… All I… Continue reading HEARTS: A Twisted Wonderland Retelling by Klarissa King


‘Covering All The Bases’ by Jody Holford

Synopsis Talk about a wild day... As if being summoned to the deathbed of a grandfather she didn’t know existed wasn’t enough––Isla Bennett meets the man of her dreams. Spends an amazing day playing tourist around Nashville with him. And then finds out she’s inherited the Nashville Slammers major league baseball team. Oh, and her… Continue reading ‘Covering All The Bases’ by Jody Holford


‘My Best Friends Ex’ by Shannyn Schroeder

Trevor Booth's life was just thrown a curveball. When his ex dies, he suddenly goes from an every-other-weekend, fun-time dad to a full-time dad. The dad part he's cool with, but life with two teens is like a roller coaster in hell. Thank God his ex-wife's best friend, Callie, seems to have secret powers that… Continue reading ‘My Best Friends Ex’ by Shannyn Schroeder


‘No Heartbreaker Required’ by JoAnn Sky

When an avalanche crushes her world, Olympic hopeful Starr Taylor loses her job, her boyfriend, and worst of all, her confidence. She's working on getting her life back together and moving forward, and it certainly won’t be with Spencer Kensington, the far-too-attractive playboy lawyer she’s forced to play nice with at their friends’ wedding. Unfortunately,… Continue reading ‘No Heartbreaker Required’ by JoAnn Sky