‘Catching a Falling Snowflake’ by Ava Kelly Release Day Blitz and Giveaway with Pine Enshrined Reviews and Indigo.

The previous winter, Leon followed his twin sister Sara to a new town where she could be with her partner, Amber. There, Leon’s boyfriend Nick, friends Jeff and Daniel, and their nine-year-old daughter Abby, swiftly swept him up into their lives, a newfound family. After a year of growing their relationship, Leon is ready to… Continue reading ‘Catching a Falling Snowflake’ by Ava Kelly Release Day Blitz and Giveaway with Pine Enshrined Reviews and Indigo.

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Its A…..

I’ve got an announcement to make! We recently found out what Baby Mondonedo is, and we could not be more excited! But first, here’s a quick look at how he/she measured up in the old wives tales! Chinese Gender Calendar: Boy Salty or Sweet: Salty (boy) Acne: Nope; Looking beautiful! (boy) Headaches: Kinda (Boy) Belly Shape… Continue reading Its A…..

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17 & 18 Weeks

Happy Friday Everyone, Its been a minute since I updated on how the weeks are going. Currently I am 19 wks and today I learn what we are having! Excitement but I'll make you all wait to find out. 17 weeks Your the size of an adorable Pomegranate!! Planning my maternity leave starts NOW <3… Continue reading 17 & 18 Weeks

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Pregnancy: Weeks 13-14

Hello hello party people! Second trimester is officially on the move! It’s hard to believe we’ll be scheduling our gender reveal scan at the appointment coming up which is exciting. I can't wait to see our little girl/boy! AH! Can. Not. Wait. I think I have a pretty strong gut feeling, but my gut feeling… Continue reading Pregnancy: Weeks 13-14

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Goodbye 1st Trimester

Finally a end to the first trimester (almost) as i get closer to 2nd with the end of the first trimester issues. We also received our first few gifts for Baby Mondonedo! It’s a bit surreal receiving diapers in the mail, an outfit and a few other things. This is really happening! .. Anyway, time… Continue reading Goodbye 1st Trimester

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So the progress of the early weeks….

Happy Friday! THANK YOU for all of your sweet comments on our big news!!! I loved reading them, and they all made me smile 🙂 I’m not planning on turning this into a pregnancy blog per say, but it is obviously going to be a heavy topic for the next few months, mainly for my own sake. Hopefully… Continue reading So the progress of the early weeks….

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A Story: How I learned about My Rainbow

We all have found out in one way or the other that your entire life is about to change. Everything you expected it to be is shifted by two years when a sudden surprise is now. You must of noticed a few post have been re-posted recently... This is a story about.... I've been so… Continue reading A Story: How I learned about My Rainbow

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A Story: A Family in Mourning

We all been there; something happens and now you have to travel or prepare for the loved one whom passed. Getting arrangements together, even for the ones not directly involved to make it out to pay respects.  Myself and the family went through this last week. It came as a shock and swept through all… Continue reading A Story: A Family in Mourning

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Things To Do if You did Not Make Summer Plans

Making plans during the summer can be hectic and overwhelming for some but if you have a wide open summer for yourself then I have some things for you to do.