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What is BzzAgent and How to get Cool Things to try for FREE!

BzzAgent is a free program that gives you the chance to sample new products and let everyone know how you really feel about them, while being rewarded in the process. To become a BzzAgent and get started receiving your freebies, first sign up through their website and create a free account. You'll then be taken to your… Continue reading What is BzzAgent and How to get Cool Things to try for FREE!


‘Under the Skin’ by Zara West

A billionaire bridge builder A gifted thief A ruthless criminal Can he save her before it’s too late? Under the Skin by Zara West (The Skin Quartet, #4) Publication date: June 6th 2019Genres: Adult | Romance | Thriller Goodreads | Amazon Excerpt Sal bounced into the kitchen and put the model bridge on the table and then dumped the plastic bag… Continue reading ‘Under the Skin’ by Zara West

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Review of ‘Darkness and Bloodshed; Spooky Shorts Volume #1’ by Lennie Grace

A special shout out to @lenniegrace for this amazing book to read and gotten to enjoy! Hard to believe we are about the same age and she is accomplishing being a author. I loved opening how she had it wrapped like a present along with a sweet card! She sent it to me for a… Continue reading Review of ‘Darkness and Bloodshed; Spooky Shorts Volume #1’ by Lennie Grace


‘Mae’s Cafe’ by Elsa Kurt

Mae’s Cafe Elsa Kurt (Welcome To Chance, #1)Published by: Limitless PublishingPublication date: June 4th 2019Genres: Adult, Contemporary, RomanceIn Chance, Connecticut, it’s about living the small-town life. Here everyone knows everybody’s business. Gossip and drama spreads like wildfire in this town. But I’m happy here, content with my little café where locals come together. Even the… Continue reading ‘Mae’s Cafe’ by Elsa Kurt


A Gift of Jacinth by Allie McCormack

Douglas needed a miracle. What he got was a genie… A Gift of Jacinth is a charming, playful paranormal romance novel with a happy ever after and no cliffhanger. Veterinarian Douglas McCandliss considered himself an ordinary kinda guy with an ordinary kinda life. He had no idea why he’d bought the old silver teapot, and when… Continue reading A Gift of Jacinth by Allie McCormack

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Accidental Knight by Nicole Snow

Accidentally wed to a man I’ve never met… I inherited a freaking husband.Grandpa’s will was a shocker: huge fortune, gorgeous ranch, and the best horse ever.The fine print? Marrying Mr. Grump-alicious.The man who’s supposed to protect me from…what, exactly?That’s what I hope to find out if Drake Larkin ever talks. I know what I’m in… Continue reading Accidental Knight by Nicole Snow


Cover Reveal: ‘Crossing Realms Series’ by Rebecca E. Neely

Crossing Realms Series by Rebecca E. Neely Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance Synopsis book 1 - The Keeper:"A fast, punchy story with a colorful fictional world for sequels to explore." Kirkus Reviews  Nick Geary, jaded clan leader of human guardians, the Keepers, is doomed to love a human woman who's forgotten him, time after time, for thirteen years: Libby Klink, a skittish accountant… Continue reading Cover Reveal: ‘Crossing Realms Series’ by Rebecca E. Neely

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A Review: ‘Coveting Love & Revenge’ by Haven Cage

Synthia will do anything for her daughter – even murder. 1871, high-society Savannah, Georgia. Penniless and jaded governess, Synthia James, is trapped with her employer, a man she once loved but now despises. His obsession with money and stature has corrupted them both. When he bids their young housemaid to kill a man who threatens his… Continue reading A Review: ‘Coveting Love & Revenge’ by Haven Cage