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A Review! ‘Sitting Murder’ by A.J. Wright

With a myriad of motives, the question is who? Detective Sergeant Michael Brennan of the Wigan Borough Police has no time for tales of ghosts and the afterlife, or of the dead contacting the living.  So, when he finds himself investigating the case of a recently widowed young woman, Alice Goodway, who has suddenly developed ‘the… Continue reading A Review! ‘Sitting Murder’ by A.J. Wright

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A Review: ‘Advesary’ by Joel Green

Nathan Dreslin, professional con-man, was murdered and came back to life. But he didn't come back alone. In the corners of his vision lurks a dark, fanged thing that whispers to him... Driven now by unearthly minions and pursued across the country, he must join forces with a scientist and a priest. Together they will unravel a horrifying mystery and confront a timeless evil that lies in wait in the Australian Outback.

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A Review of ‘Hark! The Herald Angels Scream’ by Christopher Golden

Eighteen stories of Christmas horror from bestselling, acclaimed authors including Scott Smith, Seanan McGuire, Josh Malerman, Michael Koryta, Sarah Pinborough, and many more. That there is darkness at the heart of the Yuletide season should not surprise. Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol is filled with scenes that are unsettling. Marley untying the bandage that holds his jaws… Continue reading A Review of ‘Hark! The Herald Angels Scream’ by Christopher Golden

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Review of ‘Darkness and Bloodshed; Spooky Shorts Volume #1’ by Lennie Grace

A special shout out to @lenniegrace for this amazing book to read and gotten to enjoy! Hard to believe we are about the same age and she is accomplishing being a author. I loved opening how she had it wrapped like a present along with a sweet card! She sent it to me for a… Continue reading Review of ‘Darkness and Bloodshed; Spooky Shorts Volume #1’ by Lennie Grace

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Teaser Tuesday! Joel Green Novel: Adversary

Mr. Green reached out to me to review his books and this is one of two he gifted me to read! Of course I have to throw up a teaser - As i do for all the books I am reading that I'm not doing apart of a tour through one of the book tour… Continue reading Teaser Tuesday! Joel Green Novel: Adversary


Shantallow by Cara Martin

ShantallowCara Martin Published by: Cormorant BooksPublication date: May 26th 2019Genres: Horror, Young AdultTanvi isn’t the girl of Misha’s dreams; she’s the girl from his nightmares. She has appeared in his chilling dreams before he even meets her; when he DOES meet her, he falls for her. Their relationship turns stormy, bordering on abusive, and takes… Continue reading Shantallow by Cara Martin

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Coda by Keith Knapp review

THERE ARE NIGHTMARES HERE After a devastating earthquake hits Los Angeles, a group of survivors find themselves whisked away to a place known only as The Town. It is there that they will face their inner-most demons and relics of the past as they try to find a way out and back to reality. But… Continue reading Coda by Keith Knapp review

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Planet of the Dead by Thomas S Flowers

This stop is brought to you by Bewitching Book Tours and Thomas S Flowers. The author is hosting a giveaway during the tour! News reports speak of mass panic and violence spreading across the globe. Negligent leaders hide behind misinformation. But in an age of paranoia and suspicion, who can say what is true anymore?… Continue reading Planet of the Dead by Thomas S Flowers

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Women Who Love Monsters by Lori Perkins Review

Hollywood has thrilled—and titillated—audiences with tales of women who love monsters since King Kong and The Creature from the Black Lagoon. Our love affair with the ultimate “others” continued as we made the acquaintances of Barnabas Collins, Swamp Thing, the Vampire Lestat, Hellboy, and Shrek. Most recently, the genre was celebrated and, ultimately, validated when… Continue reading Women Who Love Monsters by Lori Perkins Review