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My name is Kri, and it was a pleasure meeting you. Thank you for stopping by my blog and reading the little things I have posted. It really means a lot to me you would do that! I am a book reviewer, product reviewer and crafty in my free time. I ghost write for a couple magazines, they know who they are and I like to stay anonymous as I use a “code name” with the magazine articles. I have been writing reviews for a little over three years when I started Pine Enshrined Reviews back in 2017 and been encourage to start a blog where my reviews are out there for people to read as well. Books will be the main focus but there will be other stuff like Poems, Stories, my personal views will be hinted all over, tips and tricks along the way. Not to mention insight into my crazy world!

Every book or product I review gets the elite treatment of a very honest review that is well put together and constructive. I wish to share all these wonderful authors and publishers a bridge between them and their readers.

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About Kri

Kri enjoying Korean Food
Tiny / lil’ Dinosaur / Toph

well I am a proud holder of a bachelors in Business where I focused on government contracts and acquisitions. I’m a published poetry artist and striving author that I hope will be published one day. In 2017 Pine Enshrined Reviews came to light and not long after that Toph my daughter was born in early 2019. Also, I’m very much a pagan whom lives off coffee, dancing randomly, trying to live minimally and naps while i should be reading.

I live in Northern Louisiana with my Husband, our daughter ,three cats and a pup.

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