HEARTS: A Twisted Wonderland Retelling by Klarissa King

In Spades, there is a game as terrifying as the Sisters of Fate. The Hatterthon.
A game so cruel that its brick-roads run red with blood and in every shadow there are players killing to survive. The mysterious Ringmaster seized the Hatter’s once-delightful game long ago, and branded it with his mark.
The stain of death…

All I ever wanted was a peaceful life. Most other blacksmiths have no trouble holding onto small dreams like mine, and I’ll envy them for it for all my days.
Not only is my village attacked by the Heart-Breakers, in the battle I’m thrown down the Forbidden Well.
I land in the most unimaginable place, a place of true terror and wonder. A deadly game called the Hatterthon.
If I’m ever going to get back home, I have to win this dangerous game, where the brick roads run red with blood and allies are just waiting to plunge a blade into the nearest heart.
I can’t trust anyone here—especially not Night, the definitely wicked ally I picked up along the way.
I’m not sure which is more dangerous: Night, who wears deceit behind the veil of his captivating eyes, or the greatest threat in the game—the Ringmaster. All I know is, I have to strike down my ally before he turns on me and breaks much more than my bones.
Because only one can win the Hatterthon.
Before I lose myself to the madness…

In Spades, kisses taste like sweets and wine, and only when they end do you taste the poison on your lips.

Hearts is a Wonderland retelling (Hold the Alice!) and is the first in the Glass Queendom Duology. The sequel, Spades, The Glass Queendom, will be released later this year.

HEARTS is no longer a part of the Feared Fables series.

HEARTS: A Twisted Wonderland Retelling 
by Klarissa King 
(The Glass Queendom, #1) 
Publication date: May 26th 2019
Genres: Adult|Fantasy

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Finality thickened the air between us, and with a glance at the empty bottles of wine, I knew our night had ended. For the better, since the aches only pulsed stronger beneath my skin.

Night walked me back to my room, and with every unwilling step I took, I chided myself more. It was the end of our fragile alliance, and when (if) we returned to Hearts, we wouldn’t see each other again. I lived in Crooked Grove where it stunk of fish, he lived in wealth and girls with fine gowns and silky hair.

Too quickly, we found my room and stopped at the dreaded drapes. I leaned back against the frame and picked at my belt.

“Well.” Night’s mouth tilted into a sad smile that reached his hard eyes. “This is farewell.”

Words caught in my throat, where they tangled into a ball. I just nodded, it was all I could manage.

“I must say, of all the allies I could have ended up with in this game, you have been the most surprising.” He leaned his shoulder against the frame and angled toward me, our faces so close together that I could taste the chocolate and wine on his breath. My mouth watered. “It has been an absolute pleasure, Shoshanna Rose.”

I wanted to give Night something. A token of thanks for his help in the game. Without him, I would have died on the path that first day. I would have been another body on the road to be moved. Without him, I would have been a lost player, wandering in the shadows of better contestants. And I knew what I wanted to offer, but I couldn’t bring myself to face my want of it.

Night drew closer until he’d left the frame and mirrored me completely. His gaze baited mine as his fingers lifted to my cheek. I licked my lips, muscles tense as if ready for battle. But this was a whole other battle, one I was never quite good at.

Night brushed his fingers from my cheek to my hair, a feeling so serene that my lashes almost fluttered.

“I would like to kiss you,” he whispered. “But I am afraid you will punch me.”

A laugh parted my lips and surged a nervous confidence through me. Tentatively, I rested my hands on his shirt and gave a slight nod.
Night moved in, under the light of the watch-globe that hung like a moon above us.

My breath bolted to my throat as his lips found mine, soft and warm. He kissed me, still for a beat, then he pushed his mouth against mine and filled me with the sweetness of chocolate cake. Then everything melted away like candlewax and it was only us. His fingers threaded through my hair, locking me in place, and I swung my arms around his shoulders to pull him closer, closer, closer.

My blood ran hot, surging through me to my curled toes. He deepened the kiss, one not meant for the watch-globe, for an audience. And it jolted me with a rush of excitement I’d never known.

Ending this kiss was something I couldn’t imagine. I wanted it forever, his hand in my hair, the other sliding down my back like warm lavender bathwater. But Night stole my joy and pushed his lips against mine with a firmness that told of unspoken promises and bleeding hearts.

The taste of wine overpowered me. All traces of the sweet, nutty chocolate from his tongue were washed away with a choked moan as his mouth left mine. And my lips tingled as if now laced with poison.

Author Bio:

When not writing, Klarissa can be found in bed poring over a great new release, or reluctantly walking her demanding dogs who pretty much run the house.

She is the writer, Isla Jones. Isla uses the pen-name Klarissa for fantasy, while using Isla Jones for her darker, grittier horror works to help separate the styles and genres for her readers.

To contact Klarissa King, find her here: 1005484536303985/?modal=admin_todo_tour

For Isla Jones’ author page, click here: Jones/e/B07856GGDF

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