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The Forest Witch by Britt Laux Review and Giveaway with Pine Enshrined Review and Rockstar Book Tours.

A warrior, her witch, and the spark that ignites a war.

Lanira na Caliri never expected to find a human in the North Forest of Unara, let alone a witch. When she discovers Siobhan unconscious by the portal that leads to her world, she soon learns of a prophecy that foretold her coming. A warning that a daughter of Unara will bring destruction upon the realm. The reign of blood will come again unless Lanira can stop it. With the little witch by her side, Lanira embarks on a journey across the clans of Unara to unite the people and save her realm from the Dark Karika’s return at all costs. Even if she must risk losing herself to the mysterious Minra na Goran in the process.


This is a favorite scene, as well, and one where we see a bit of the dynamic between the royal family and another key character, Talor. 

“This moon will be a strong one,” Mother says idly, twirling her fork in her fingers. 

Father nods slowly, watching her. “Yes, it will. Much is to be decided.”

I try not to sigh aloud. This is how Seers often speak. They know so much that they cannot share. A single decision can change the course of destiny, and knowledge of the future is too great a temptation to those who are not trained to respect and understand the Sight. 

There was one Seer who ignored this rule, and ended up banished from our people. We do not even speak her name now. She is forsaken, never again one of us. 

“Perhaps the Karikina would do me the honor of taking in the moon with me,” Talor says, glancing at me. 

I glare at him openly. “I think not, Elder. I am afraid I am otherwise engaged.”

His smile falters for a moment, and my father clears his throat lightly. 

“What is this prior engagement?”

Turning my body away from Talor, I put on a smile for my father. “I will be with Ilnor and Aldor, of course. I am considering being a third to their bond.”

Nilan coughs into his goblet as Father draws his shoulders back, narrowing his eyes as he considers me. The silence around the table is thick with unspoken plots. I can feel them crawling across my skin – a taste of what Seers experience dampened by the Warrior in me. 

“I see,” Father says after several seconds of this.

Talor is glaring at me, and I catch Father giving him a subtle shake of his head.

“I am feeling tired. Please excuse me.” Laying my napkin next to my plate, I push my chair back and stand before Father gives me permission.

Tales of Unara, Book One
By Britt Laux
Publisher: Magic and Moons Press ( February 1, 2021)
Genre: LGBTQ+, Fantasy, Lesbian
Pages: 333
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Britt is an Ohio-based author and editor, and parent to three. They are inspired by the baby forest they live in, often found wandering through the trees thinking up new stories. You can catch them on Instagram – almost constantly – @authorbrittlaux or @magicandmoonspress, where they share inspiration for other indies.

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My Review

Britt did a wonderful job with the easy to read writing style to the characters with such wonderful depth that made them feel so real. I so enjoyed the world of Unara and setting the scene that made everything so palatable with Britt’s wonderful writing.

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When reading about the characters each one shown in the spotlight and so strong in their own way. It was very inspiring to see someone writing them in such a way without mean, hateful or snarky issues between them. It was so refreshing to see the vulnerabilities just laying about on the pages like a fine wine. From the complexities of power hierarchies granted by Una to Lanira and the world was super fastinating and seeing it from inside her thoughts made it all more perfect.

A very diverse relationship that I could imagine was a friends when they talk about their boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse. Britt did a wonderful job handling this and writing it into the story it was so perfect.

Britt did a wonderful job adding this little flair and own creative flair to this old as time plot and the new words and terms had it challenge for me but this lovely series along with the depth kept me turning the pages. Before I knew it I was done.

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A much read for all High Fantasy book that has brought out a wonderful diverse world that was weaved into a beautiful writing.

Rating: 4 out of 5.
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